Control Midi signals with a plasma ball and make music

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Control you Modal Craft Synth Midi with a plasma ball

I don’t know exactly how and why but I guess my cheap ass Plasma Ball from Banggood for 7,99$ (yes it is an affiliate link 🙂 is so badly shielded that the electric signals are picked up somehow as midi messages 🙂

This is some crazy shit.

I am not sure if it will work for somebody else but I realized that my plasma ball fires away midi messages while working on a live transmission / jam of electronica soundscapes to a art presentation / exhibition opening from Vienna to New Orleans. To be precise for the “Digital Water” event by the Delta Workers located in New Orleans (USA).

I put up a live stream with the help of Mixlr (cool tool by the way) routing my Ableton output to it. Connected on my macbook was the Modal Craft Synth directly on the USB Port and on my USB Hub I had the Plasma Ball connected.

While having the Craft Synth App open, I realized that it picked up some midi signals constantly and some changes when I put my fingers on the Plasma ball, and voila you fell like a f***** magician / sorcerer, haha.

Try it out by yourself and spend a few bucks on this Plasma Ball from Banggood, and if it’s not working with your setup it still looks cool : )

Here’s the video how it looked and sounded.